I had the privilage of watching Mr. Sharpee in court. Don't take his quite manner to heart because when it counted he was very good and fought for my friends. I recommend him highly and I know my friends are very grateful to him.
- Anonymous
He came through and won me custody of my 4 year old grandchild. Worth the money and I cannot thank him enough
He was great where I was stressed he calmed me down and we won and I thank him so much but God gets all the glory!
- Bonnie B.
Great advice
I called the office needing a lawyer & over the phone he told me I really needed an out--of-state lawyer to handle my issue, & if they wouldn't help me-- then call the Sharpee firm & talk to them. This 1 call saved me time, money, & helped me understand how to resolve an in-law issue. My sincere appreciation.
- Linda
Divorce/Lawsuit Settlement Assistance
I have never written any review about an Attorney for reasons I will not list. The reason for writing this review is simple, Mike Sharpee is the best Family/Lawsuit Attorney I have ever met. This was not my first divorce so I have had dealings with other Civil Attorney's with negative results. Being in Law Enforcement for 25-years I have dealt with several Criminal and Civil Attorney's which does not make me an expect on Attorney's who practice Family Law and other fields but has provided me with experience concerning the ability of Attorney's the average person has not had to deal with.

Mike is the best Civil Attorney I have ever known or hired. He represents his clients with honesty, integrity and puts there best interest first. My divorce was fairly complex in the fact my ex-wife has a son who is also an Attorney. So that brought up several situations which could have caused me a lot of grief. Where Mike stands out is his ability to deal with the opposing Attorney in a way that is fair and most importantly in the best interest if his client. As anyone who has gone through a divorce emotions can get in the way at times and cause some of us to make wrong decisions. This is where Mike really shines, he knows how to help his clients make the best decision taking out the emotion. I will make this part simple, listen to what Mike advises you to do period.

To wrap up besides the divorce I was in the later stages of a Lawsuit that I won by a Jury Trial which also involved my ex-wife. I asked Mike if he could help me with this. He went out of town and guided me through a mediation process and finally helped with the finalization of the Lawsuit. Mike was asked to join the other Law Firm but he said to them; "I am here to represent my client". Which means that he could have probably made a lot more money but did not. In closing Mike's fees are more than fair, you will be more than pleased with his fees. I encourage anyone needing a Family Law Attorney to hire Mike period.
- Gary
Hands down the best family attorney in Amarillo
Mike is straight forward and honest. Mike assisted me through one of the most dificult times in my life. I would recommend him for any family/divorce matters. Not the cheapest or the most expensive; but surely the BEST!!
- Anonymous